Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day for the Queen

I really feel sorry for the hubs when it comes to these type of holidays...he tries so hard to get me something I would love but I am a pain when it comes to presents.
Because I make jewelry he has decided I don't need more...even though I point out diamonds, sapphires and rubies are always welcome...

I am usually on some diet or other, really don't like cut flowers and after the 'mu-mu' incident, he is forbidden to buy me clothes.

Yup, I have become my mother!

But this got me thinking of other professions and how it would be living with them.

Like the professional chef whose family would really love to eat Capt. Crunch for dinner and for god sake does every freakin' meal have to have a sprig of parsley???

The Dr. or Nurse's kids who never can really enjoy that scabbed up knee or elbow.

The police officer's kids who secretly rip off every tag on every pillow and mattress in the house.

And the guy who owns a dollar store can bet his kids are wishing they had some high priced, made in this country, named brand shampoo once in a while.

So while the coblers kids have no shoes, and the mechanic's car is a hoopty with duct tape holding the trunk down, we can all be assured someone out there has it a lot worse...


  1. My dad use to work for a breakfast cereal company, so he use to bring home boxes upon boxes of cereal home that he got cheap or was being given away for free as samplers. It got to the point when every kitchen cupboard you opened had 20 cereal boxes in them. Whenever you moaned you were hungry and wanted a snack, the reply would be, have some cereal. I don't eat cereal now.

  2. Hahaha! Lovely post! Lovely comments! My fiance is wondering why I'm laughing at the computer screen!

    -Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food