Sunday, February 6, 2011

The sky has officially fallen

and people have lost their minds.

I have lived in Michigan my entire life and it snows every year...every ding-dong year. Oh, some years more than others and sometimes in amounts that make you think you have somehow been transported to Antarctica...but it snows. Lets all just take a deep breath and think people!

Don't panic and run to wal-mart and buy up all the bottled water, even if you don't have a degree in biochemistry I bet you can figure out what snow is made from.

Don't think because you have 4 wheel drive you are somehow above the laws of physics.

Don't assume the people at the weather channel are your best source for information...they stand in the middle of hurricanes for a living. Also, sitting up watching the cold front move in does nothing to help the situation.

Dogs do not share your feeling of impending doom...

Never hire a snow plow guy who thinks if he plows the roads before the snow hits it counts...also, never hire the guy who plowed in my car, thanks again dude.

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