Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice snow ice and snow, ice and ice...ack!

OK...enough is enough. First snow then ice and then an ice storm that knocked down my trees and then more snow and then a bit of a melt and now...more snow.

ACK! and the ice completely coveres every inch of the trees making them sparkle like diamonds when the sun hit them...beautiful...and deadly.

But that the way it works, isn't try to lull you into a false sense of security and wonder...

'oh look Bambi' the waters stiff!'

So you go and slip and fall on your ass...hohoho...

And your dogs slip and fall on their ass...(but that funny)

And then your neighbor slips and bites the inside of his mouth and bleeds so bad his wifey calls the ambulance that gets stuck in the snow and the police come and then the wrecker gets stuck and then they have to get the big-giant wrecker and then the neighbor ends up getting hauled to the hospital by another neighbor in a truck while the ambulance sits sideways in the ditch for hours...

And that will be funny later

And you have to go to the store to get dog food (you, however can eat Romain noodles) and your car is a giant block of ice.

And even tho you have electronic locks you can't budge the door handles...your boots are slipping on the ice and the branches in the trees are creaking...and you wonder what the weather is in Honolulu...

Meanwhile, back in the house you can hear your phone ringing but can't get traction enough to even think about getting back in the house to catch it.

And you look into the sky and see the sun peeking through the branches making them all shimmery and sparkly and you think to yourself...


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