Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mixed bag

One of my newer items in my shop. Its filled with all kinds of stuff including a curtain ring, some antique shoe buttons, old jewelry findings and antique buttons. I like it, its like me, too big, miss-matched, funky, and all round odd. Yup, that's me alright.

I don't mean to be odd, it just comes out. I don't try...half the time I am desperately trying to grab back the snarky comment that is sailing across the room. The other half is me trying not to point out the obvious to the many and varied information needing folks that cross my path. I'm really don't try to be like this.

But dang it, people make it too easy!

I mean really...did my neighbor just call me from Mexico asking me what the POLICE wanted a week ago.

Did the guy at the farmers market really just tell me 'lookit, lady those chips are so bad I'll give them to you, no charge'. Thanks???

Are there still people who go to the dollar store asking me what I thought the price was...

Did someone on the interwebs just ask me to explain a sex term to them...really???

And that was just this weekend.

Sometimes I think its a test...I think there is some benevolent being up there saying' lets hit her with this one and see what she says...and its been happening my entire life! I remember watching the Jerry Lewis telethon and thinking: why is he singing 'you'll NEVER walk alone'???

But with maturity comes restraint...someday

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