Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the tings i put up wif

sophie here...and i need some time to whine...look at that pitchur will ya...that big yello cat is in my box, my box mind you, mine

and big lady dont seem to care she just sits and plays with her beads all day while that big cat sits in my box it was all i could do to skweeze in next to it and not touch it

cats ugh

and the big yello cat thing gets to sleep whereever it wants while i gotta sit and be a good girl

and while i am at it, what is the deal with being on a chain, big yello cat goes where it wants...i keep hearing sumptin about bein in heat and it is hot out but i don no what that has to do wit me

i am learning stuff tho...i got a weird new bowl with bumps inside and it makes it harder to eat my food ~ it takes me almost a minute to eat now

and i figured out how to get on the big peoples bed its hard cuz i gotta run real fast and jump and hope my back feet hit the wooden rail and then push myself up but i can do it once in a while and boy it is excitin up there

on a sad note i don have any toys anymore big lady got rid of my stuffies cuz i kept pullin the heads off them so i got a chew toy called a kong but i chewed thru that...which i thot was the point...so it is gone and now i got nuttin' makes for some long days for sure

well i feel better and hope everyone out there readin this is having a good time this summer filled with lots of walks, good doggies and snacks