Thursday, July 22, 2010

good day~sun shine...

Today is a good day. I managed to get my hair cut without wanting to beat both the beautician and myself to death. I avoided the chocolate chip cookies in favor of some nice sweet dried apricots and I found OPI nail polish for $3...I think I am going to bed before this all comes crashing down on my head.

That's the way it works for me, something good, then something bad. It keeps me balance, I guess.

I'm not whining, there's no point in that....sure I am still 'not looking for work' and trying to be content with my at home business, but there is a part of me that longs for the days of 'Ginya, queen of the road!'. I miss going to airports and business meetings, bad coffee and deadlines. I miss the interactions with people...but then I remember those people, the back stabbing, lieing and manipulating people and I thank God I am here in my jammies.

I think the entire world is made up of the yin~yang of everyday existence. The sun comes up, and then goes down. We can look on the bright side or the crappy get the flu...bad, loose 10 lbs because of it...good, seek out the flu to loose weight...stupid. Its all perspective.

So while the sun is still shining and before karma makes me her personal bi&*# I think I will just enjoy the moment.

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