Friday, July 23, 2010

Its that kind of day

Yup, a doughnut seed kinda day, at least in my mind. And more than a day, a week, a month, (who are we kidding, it's my life). Doughnut seeds, you know the thing that looks like it makes sense till you think about it...maybe too much.

Like yesterday...went to the drug store to talk to the Pharmacist about a poison ivy cream to act as a barrier to poison ivy.

Me: I saw some of this cream...yada yada yada...its really expensive and I want to know if it works.
Pharm: (confused look)
Pharm assistant: POISON IVY CREAM!
(did I mention the Pharmacist is like 3 days younger than God?)
Me: cuz like its $12 a tube...
Pharm: painfully getting up and lumbering out of his little cage, he limps past me and down one isle and up another till we find the poison ivy cream (yeah, he had no idea about it) turns and hands it to me and says; This the stuff???
Me: well, yeah
Pharm: looking at me like 'well????'
Me: reading the ingredients...Its just Zinc Oxide with some sun screen, so maybe I just need that...cuz when the dogs go in the woods they get covered with the oil...
Pharm: *blink-blink*
Me; and so maybe I really shampoo...
Pharm: lumbers away
Me: or doughnut seeds! anybody??? anybody???

yeah, its just me.


  1. hahaha love it! Btw, as someone who gets exposed to poison ivy constantly, I really reccommend Technu. It's expensive but the best thing I've found yet! Or maybe that's the dog shampoo you were talking about? ;)

  2. gonna look inot Technu! thanks!!!