Saturday, July 24, 2010

gifts from strangers

The necklace in the picture is an antique ceramic domino sent to me by a fellow Etsian who I never met. She sent 6 and I made this to send back to thank her. I love the way people will look at things and think 'I bet she could use this'. It makes me think people understand what I am trying to do.

My friend Connie, (bless her little cotton socks)found a box of padded envelopes and drove them to Michigan to give me...hundreds!!! That saves me so much money and was a huge sign that this is what I am suppose to do. THANKS CONNIE!!

Others see boxes of old buttons and broken jewelry and bring them to me, how awesome! I try to make something wonderful and gift it back, just to keep the love fest going. Cuz to me, that's what this is all about.

Sure, there is an element or recycling, some creativity and a big helping of challenge in what I do, but its more about giving the object a second chance to 'be' something.

And we all need second chances. (or thirds...)

And while the people who show up at my door bearing boxes of broken stuff think it is a small thing, to me, it is huge! You took time out of your busy day to think about me!!! Wow!

So lets all think about each other today and remember even the most insignificant thing in your eye may be a blessing in disguise to someone else...

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