Thursday, July 29, 2010

needing that spark

Depressing kind of day here at the possum lodge. Not much going on, long days of storms and hot weather keeping me from doing things I want to do. Not that I really have anything to do... days of the year. Everyone is out being busy while I sit and wait for something to do, someone to call or something to happen. And I don't wait well.

I hate to wait. And I am married to the biggest procrastinator in the history of mankind. Not a good combination I can assure you. Even now I am waiting for him to finish his daily hour long shower so I can go to Walmart...waiting to go to WALMART. (hell, showering for Walmart for all that matters!!!) And then we will spend another half hour getting dressed, dinking around and then, finally we will go to...Walmart. I don't even want to go there but as I live in the middle of BFE the choice is Walmart of the BP.

Yup, Ive turned into the grouchy old lady who hates it when the kids drive their golf carts (don't ask) in her yard, who gets pissy if asked to attend a baby shower and grumbles about the price of bananas...the only thing missing is my polyester pants and floral shirt.

I need a spark...I need about 12 thousand volts actually. I need to feel needed, viable, relevant and useful...and waiting to freakin' go to Walmart aint cuttin' it.

So, bare with me folks, better days are coming and then I will bitch about being cold and snowed in.

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