Monday, July 26, 2010

Making it work

Today I am having trouble getting motivated. I just don't want to do anything and that is a huge problem for me. Working out of your home with yourself as the boss makes it very easy to blow off working in favor of anything more interesting. Believe me, I can give you a list:

Like yesterday, went to a flea market...I did manage to score some vintage chains so I guess it was product development. But I can make any trip out work for me. Because I use weird things to make into jewelry, I've got to go to weird if you see me at the junk yard, just wave. If you see my feet hanging over the edge of a dumpster, check to make sure I can get out. If I am digging in a box at the goodwill, step over, but if you see me at an estate sale, get out of my way and hang on to anything you are thinking of buying cuz those are my favorites!

I am making it work! Trying to make something out of nuttin' and creating things for the market place that are different. The piece in the picture if from an antique button and a Victorian picture I hand of a kind, like everything in my shop.

But before this turns into a commercial for Queen G, I should let you know a few of the things I couldn't make work:

playing the
cross country
learning Chinese...epic fail
excel...mondo fail
exercises in general...huge giant kamaha-maha fail

But these things don't make me happy so I don't really care. I just need to keep myself busy, relevant and occupied and I am happy. And some day my dream will come true and Tim Gunn will wander by and say..."make it work!"

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