Monday, August 29, 2011

woo~hoo, I'm becoming more relevant

At least according to Etsy, who made me go through and edit all my listings and retag everything to fit into the new Google brain is still swimming over that.

And I just joined Google+(whatever the hell that is) so join my circle, or do whatever it is that is suppose to happen to make me one of the cool kids.

Or join my fan page on Face Book...visit on Zibbit, or find me on my blog, find me on linked in, skype, twitter, Creative break room, multiply, blabalbalalaalalalalala...

When did trying to sell my jewelry become spending the ding-dong day promoting on so many websites that my concept of reality is now completely computer based?

When did we abdicate the responsibility to actively participate in a relationship? Write letters, send cards, flowers, visit???

Does an E-card hold the same feeling as a real live Hallmark, one you actually spent time finding, writing and posting? And if not, why?

Is the next generation really going to be looking at pictures on the Internet and think...'that's my Grandma in her bathroom taking a picture of herself on her phone'?
or find forums posts from long dead relatives listed in


Really, I use a rotary phone...I am the last person to want to know what Skype is, much less actually use it. Since when is longing for the good old days actually talking about Mircrsoft Windows 7. Are we really that much better off dealing with hundreds of people on a daily basis without knowing their real name?

All I want to do is sell jewelry, really...
so, google me bay-be.

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