Monday, August 22, 2011

stuff on top of stuff

This is the result of cleaning out my beading cabinet and piling stuff together with a similar look and feel. Stuff with stuff and more stuff. In this case, pearls and silver, and pearls with silver and silver with pearls.

That's pretty much my approach to everything in my life from cooking to decorating.

Some things work together like pasta and cheese...somethings no so much like peanut butter and cucumbers. When you get a feel for what you are doing, you can wing it.

Sure, taste plays a part, but I have always said that I have never let good taste stand in my way. Tacky is a matter of opinion.

So, my MP3 has Kid Rock songs next to Bessie Smith...Colin Ray with the Indigo Girls, Paul Revere and the Raiders with Toby Keith...

Stop by my house unannounced and you will hear Hawaiian music blasting away, or 'music from the hearts of space'...its whatever makes me happy at the moment.

And if I had a style, I am sure it would be considered eclectic (if you are kind) or unique, possibly funky, but more than not, early American garage sale. If it looks good together in my eyes, it works for me.

So, yeah, I have an antique wheel chair in my bedroom...sleds serve as plant stands and my tv is hidden in an antique radio cabinet.

Normal is just too boring. But then again, I've never been accused of being boring.

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