Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking about Grandma's

These pearls were part of some Grandma's 'good jewelry' only to be sold at some garage sale to me so I could refurbish them. Sometimes that bothers me. When I see a quilt top carefully cut and pieced together, sold for $2 to someone like me who is unaware of the history of the pieces, it makes me kinda sad.

Not sad that I scored some awesome cool vintage pieces, or interesting beads. But sad that someones Grandma saved them for years, only to be hauled out and sold to a stranger.

Even today, while in the midst of the great basement cleanout, I found a book filled with poetry written by the hubs's Grandmother. The book, a moldy copy of "Mildred Pierce', with 'pictures of the upcoming movie!' And in its pages, notebook pages filled with bad poetry.

Grandma wanted to be a poet in the worst way (and she was...bless her). each couplet, verse and stanza is worse than the last. But she kept at it till she passed away. For her, the dream never died...

So, Grandma Benner, wherever you are, here is a poem written by you, published on the Internet:

Under Blue October Sky's
by Cora Basten Benner

Under clear October Sky's
I can see the love in your blue eyes
and the gold in your hair
which is beyond compare
under blue October Sky's.

I am in paradise
I'm content any where
as long as you're there
Under blue October Sky's.

Under blue October Sky's
I begin to realize
Love's grand I declare
our lives we should share
under blue October Sky's.

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you...but what the heck, she gave it the old college try and sent these poems in every week to publishers around the country. She lived in hope.

And the greatest gift to give anyone is hope.

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