Monday, August 15, 2011

perceptions of self..

Yup, I perceive myself as a biker Grannie...and no we don't have a bike anymore. Well, unless you count the 1967 Triumph basket case in the storage, we got rid of the Goldwing years ago.

But I still think of myself as this rebel Grannie...even though I don't have kids. So basically I am a fraud. A big old wanna be sitting in front of a computer trying to be something I am not.

(Sorry, but I couldn't find a picture of a middle aged white woman with big boobs and purple hair.
I'll keep looking.)

So do I change my perceptions based on my ability to drive a cycle? Do I assume the mindset of 'wacky aunt', 'hipster wanna-be', 'crafty artist-type person' 'political pariahs'?

Or maybe they all fit.

Maybe I am a wacky aunt with artistic aspirations...or maybe I just gave up looking for work a while ago and can't stand being a house wife. Actually both.

So while I don't a motorcycle, I do have the leathers.
and while I don't have a job, I do have a livelihood.
and while I am a wife and live in a house, I am not a housewife.
There are people who call me Mom, and people who call me Mrs. Benner...I will answer to one.

So perceptions are in the eye of the perceived.
Call me what you like, I probably won't give a good &^%$ *&&^$.

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