Wednesday, August 17, 2011

getting something for nothing

These are my glasses...the ones I use every day. The ones from my mom when we were kids. The ones we got free with grape jelly.
I love these glasses, they are heavy and easy to clean and hold just the right amount of milk. And they were free.

I remember free. When you would buy gas and get a free coaster, or open a box of washing detergent and get a towel. Back in the day, going to the movies got you a dish, and I can't forget S & H Green Stamps...the ultimate in free stuff.

Remember when Cracker Jacks had cool free toys like whistles and plastic comodies on Ebay now.

And the toys in cereal and the challenge to be the first one to open the box.

I love getting stuff for free, useful things or fun things...or even things that you got a million of but could always use more, like bandaids or socks.

Who wouldn't want a free lottery ticket in a Happy Meal?

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