Thursday, January 19, 2012


We all have idealized images of ourselves. The ones we think we look like versus the ones that we really look like. You know the ones...the pictures we delete, the group shots taken by someone else that make you cringe...drivers licenses pictures. Those are not us.

Nope, we think we look good when sporting that new $3 big-lots dye job or Dollar General track suit.

We insist that our comfy bra is fine even though the 'girls' are hanging in your lap and your shoulders have permanent dents.

And blue eye shadow was all over the runway in Paris last year.

Jeans that double as tourniquets are fine...

and that diaper bag from the 80's is a perfect solution for a purse.

Yeah, we can rock both mini's and platforms as long as walking and sitting is not involved, and lets not forget the cutesy T-shirt from back when we were groupies for the local country band that use to play at the bar...the one that burned down 20 years ago...

and then you go to the store and get given the senior discount without being asked

AARP are the only stalkers you have

your wardrobe is considered vintage

kids ask you about the good old days back in the 70's

you remember things like cassette tapes, film for cameras and rotary phones...and realize you still use all those things.

and then it hits you...

you aint cute anymore, at best you hope for handsome with flashes of long lost one is 'carding' you again... ever, and the only thing you have to look forward to be being one of those wacky old ladies who bungee jump on their 80th birthday.

Suck it up, nothing anyone can do...own your age, dress like you want and be happy.
And if you can't be happy, go for wacky.

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