Monday, February 6, 2012

back from the vacation...everyone survived

This is a necklace I made from some of the findings from my vacation. Vacation: a time to relax and unwind, to regroup and recharge, quality time spent with the ones you love...

Yeah, not so much.

I am finding in my old age that my ability to roll with the flow sorta flowed right on out that door. Now, I find I have no patience with a few things...most things...oh hell...everything.

Driving with the hubs use to be the time away from phones and interruptions...not any more. Now we spend the entire time checking if our phone just chirped or did we run over a squirrel.

Finding quiet out of the way places to eat have now become dashboard dining at fast food restaurants we don't have locally...why-oh-why don't we live near a jack-in-the box so the hubs can eat his weight in those gawd awful tacos and be done with it????
(seriously, for our 25th anniversary we went to Hawaii and on the taxi ride from the airport he damn near jumped out of the car when he spotted a jack-in-the box...guess where we ate that night???)

And trips that use to fly by are now an excruciating time spent dodging break lights, talking to 'on star' and bitching about leg room.

The itinerary goes like this:
leave 7:30 am (or some time that has a 7 in it, like 10:17)

drive to local gas station buying just enough gas to get to state line in case gas is cheaper in next state. Tank up on gas station cappuccino

stop at gas station in next state to fill up on gas at the same price, but able to pee...more coffee

stop to pee at rest area

stop to pee at gas station 100 miles into trip, think about getting more coffee...decide to get bag of doritos instead.

20 minutes later gagging on salty snacks and need drink...stop for water and a cappuccino, sneak a pee.

continue for the next 800 miles until I am virtually stabbing hubs by the nads and demanding we stop for the night.

series of heavy sighs

drive in circles trying to find a place to stay that doesn't charge by the hour, check in and fall down.

day one complete.

to be continued

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