Monday, January 16, 2012

Images of love.

As yet another holiday approaches I am thinking about the concept of true love.

Interesting how it changes and evolves as the time goes by. When I was a kid on the playground I thought true love was when a boy socked you in the arm and ran away. Later it was when a boy returned your call, or sat by you at the football game. Later still it was spending money on you and remembering stupid made up anniversaries.

Now, after being married for 32 years it amounts to helping with the dishes, putting laundry away and bringing home ice cream.

Yeah, true love can take many forms...

holding your purse while you shop
holding your hair while you puke
eating that dinner you know was terrible
wiping out the sink
pumping your gas
having pancakes for dinner
calling before coming home to see if you need anything
gagging down Italian sausage on the pizza cuz I know you like it

Back in the day it might have been fabulous birthday presents and expensive dinners, now its more like fast food and a night of tv.

Or grabbing the vacuum and sucking up them tumbleweed sized dog hair clumps,
leaving the last 'little debbie' or cleaning up the fur balls instead of pointing them out for me to do it.

But mostly its being BFF's forever. It's when you look at that other person and know in your heart of hearts that you want to stab them with a fork in the throat as well as spend the rest of your life with them. That my friends is true love.

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