Thursday, June 17, 2010

what time is it anyway????

I have been looking for work for a few years now and finally have decided to forgo looking for a 'real job' and just try to find fulfillment in making stuff. Thank goodness for a husband who is gainfully employed or I would be brushing up on my insincere smile and asking if you would like fries with that.

At some point (or age) you just got to realize that there are some things you will not be put through...interviews come to mind, personality tests as well...I'm too old for this &^%$.

So, now I am officially a 'free spirit' and can do as I like, get up at noon if I want...oh, no my back wouldn't allow that...
eat when and where I again, diet and bank account decide that...'more Romain noodles, dear???'
wear my jammies all again, as I got to go out to the road to get the mail and my boobs need some serious support, all day swinging in the breeze is a recipe for back problems.

Well crap, maybe 'free spirit' is just in my mind. I would love to be that person, the successfully thin, beautiful, talented, superstar of stage and screen, loved by millions, America's sweetheart and Saundra Bullocks main competition, woman in my fantasies. But I guess I've got to be who I am...middle aged white woman with purple hair (don't ask) wandering around wal-mart looking for a good deal on doggie chew toys and clearance toothpaste.

What time is it? Reality time, but I'm cool with that too. Saundra, you can sleep well tonight.

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