Thursday, June 10, 2010

sophie again

big lady is out doin sumptin called garage sale shoppin so i got a chance to get back on the 'puter. how y'all been? things here are gud

for those of you that dint no, i got promoted...i am now vice perzident of the queen g company. not sure what that means, it sure dont mean more cookies, chew toys or trips in da car, thats for sure. but i am running a give away on the big ladies fan page so stop by and put yer name in on the discussion page. at the end of the month i am gonna pick a cool is that...

as long as i am at it, can i ask you all some questions? so many things confuse me and i cant seem to get an answer out of big goes

why do i have to stay off the bed when that yello cat thing gets to go whereever it wants

why cant i roll in the grass on that squishy stuff in the yard

why does my name change when i sneek out without my leash and who is jezus h krist anyway

why is big dog afraid of storms and how does peeing all over the house help

what does it mean to get i broken

how can i convince big lady to take me for rides once in a while, and not to that man who is always poking me and stickin things up my butt...

anyway, i hop you all can answer some of these questions and feel free to ask me some, maybe i can help dont forget to go to the queen g fan page and enter the give away there may be a cookie in it for me


  1. Those are some hard-hitting questions, Sophie. I think my dog would like to know the answers too. His burning question is "Why do the cats leave tasty treats for me in those boxes if I'm not allowed to eat them"

  2. LOL.
    My dog is 14 and started being sneaky and peeing downstairs when nobody is watching him.

    Dang dog.

  3. oh those tasty treats! and sometimes I make my own and those are extra tasty all warm and soft, but for some reason that really really makes big lady mad...and the next thing i kno i am getting a bath and having my teefees brushed...

  4. Hello Sophie, it's Sydney!! I don't like thunder but I just hide under the table until about 4 hours after it stops. Also, for some strange reason, I'm allowed up on the girl's bed, but not my mommy's bed. Huh! it's all a mystery!