Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what sparks you?

I found this small metal spark plug tag a while ago and was looking for the perfect venue to place it. I really love the weird and funky stuff I find in my scrounging and this one fits in with the rest of my weird and wacky crap. Why be normal when there is an entire world of wonder out there?
It got me thinking about what 'sparks' my creativity, what makes me look at old upholstery tacks and drawer pulls and Is it the same misguided gene that makes me look at antique wheelchairs and, or ancient farm equipment and think, plant stands???
And what does that say about my other choices in life...well, a lot.
I was raised by parents who lived through the depression. Our house lived on these basic set of rules:
make it do
wear it out
use it up
go without
Clothes were passed around the family like the chicken pox...canning was the summer time activity and Dad did all the car repairs. New shoes once a year, new coat every other wasn't till I was in high school that I realized we were not poor.
Not that I am complaining, I love making do, beating the system and working around the obstacles.
Scratch and dent food...I'll check it out, no problem.
Home made hair do's, yeah I'm a victim of my own handiwork.
I still own a rotary meh, but it still works, can find it in the dark, never runs out of batteries and people think its 'cute'.
we drive our cars till the wheels fall off and haven't bought 'new' (as in still has the tags) clothes in forever. Even as I type I am drinking some off brand Mexican cappuccino I got for half price at big lots. I love me a bargain!
So what sparks you? What makes you happy, excited, creative? I would love to know!


  1. the rotary phone for sale???

    I love the things that inspire truly know how to make the most of your life!!

    I am inspired by the possibility of a good "find" at weekend garage sales, etc. Oh, and by brownies.

    Sydney says hello!!

  2. I love the phone and wouldn't part with it, tho 'pressing one for english' poses a bit of a problem. Brownies...ummmm...
    Sophie is in the dog house for running away tonight, but I will pass on Sydneys greetings.