Tuesday, February 7, 2012

vacation time, revisited

So onward and southward we head for South Carolina. The basic idea it to look at retirement porperty, get me out of the snow and shut me up for a while. (meanwhile, back in Michigan its a balmy 40 degrees and no snow)

We head for our hotel and tuck in for the night.

The next day was suppose to be for driving around and looking at property...but turned into driving around, eating fabulous sea food, driving around some more and then being too sleepy to do anything else

The hotel we were staying at had a wonderful buffet breakfast that ended at 9:00 am, so I had a small wedge to get the hubs out the door before noon. They changed the time to 11:00, so all bets were off. I spent the rest of the vacation having this conversation:

me: when do you want to start in the morning
him: I'll get up at 7:30 and we can have breakfast and go talk to some realitors
me: really??
him: sure

what actually happened:
him: oh! I didn't hear the alarm, what time is it?
me: 11:30
him: sorry...
Me: here's your damn poptart

We did drive to one location that was perfect in every way...homes with existing trees, 24/7 security, 4 on site resturants, a pier, a co-op art gallery and even their own church...
now all I gotta do is win the lottery.

Then we continue the perpetual conversation about retirement and what exactly that means. To me it means spending quality time in an environement that is secure and dosen't freeze your boogers. To him it's here, so he dosent have to move his crap.

We spend a week down there not talking to realators or banks, but manage to hit one flea market and eat a a bunch of seafood. The drive home consisted of me bitching about the point of driving down there and not looking at any thing, and him telling me it is a good thing to be thinking this far ahead, but he didn't see any reason to go beyond driving around.

Coming home we found the house smelled like a kennel and some of my items were chewed beyond redemption. The neighbor had assured us everything was going smoothly, no worries, but that was a wee bit over stated. The dogs actually pooped on and in everything and we were never told so we wouldn't worry.
First day home and I get to clean and mop the entire house...yippie.

They chewed my best throw blanket, my slipper, my teddy bear, my hat and my cloth doll...
I think they were trying to make a point.

So, as far as vacations go, I think I will avoid anything longer than 3 days, take the dogs with me and leave the hubs behind...then we will both enjoy our time off.

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