Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Say

hey everybully, lily da bulldog here to comment of a few things i need to get off my chest

sorry bout takin so long between posts but big lady never leaves the puter on anymore

anyway things round here are ok

the food could be better, i want kibbles but it makes sophies eyes turn red so i get to eat boring food

and its cold outside so i try not to go out much anymore...big lady keeps tossing me out and making me pee, but if she had to drag her boobies in da sno she would run back in too

big lady is cookin more so dats gud. she drops a lot on da floor so we lub to be right under her feet...dats when i think she gets confused cuz she calls us different names...i don member no other bully called jebuskristonacracker

and dat new tiny dog is gettin on my last nerve...all dat mewing around is confusing, especially when she gets to go out whenever she, catch one stinkin lousy skuril and the sun rises and sits on your furry behind round here

ani is gud...she is to big to jump on da bed so she sleeps on da floor...big lady must lub dat cuz every nite she gets up and yells at her to get out of the flippin flappin way...and den we hear a big crash. dat sounds like so much fun

so all in all its a nice life

we do need a bigger couch and more chew toys so I don have to eat any more hats
or slippers
or soft toys
or blankets
or pillows
or catchers mitts
or tennis balls
or volleyballs

big lady keeps talking bout baffs so i need to keep tryin to hide under the couch
she might be big but she is fast...and bullys hate baffs

anyway, i hear the water runnin so i better go squeeze under the puter desk...
hab a gud day!!!

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