Friday, October 28, 2011

One mans trash...

I love my Goodwill challenges...
and this one turned out pretty good, talking the frosted glass leaves, hearts and other assorted shapes from this cast off candle holder and hanging them on various styles, sizes and shapes of silver chains.

trash into treasures (hopefully)

So while watching 'Project accessory' last night I was more than amused as the challenge was to make a necklace, belt and one other accessory from junk found in a storage unit...piece of cake.

Some were confused, some jumped right in, some melted down, some did the basic, some over shot the mark by a mile. The girl that won the challenge completely transformed the paper umbrella into a lovely necklace that was wearable and interesting.
One guy took the springs from a couch and transformed them into a very funky girl just re purposed luggage...yawn.

I would have loved to be on that show...unfortunately, from the looks of the contestants, I am far too old, too middle class, not nearly tattooed up enough or hip enough to fit into the group. So, I will just watch, try not to throw the remote at the TV and take a lot of notes.

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  1. I saw the commercial for this hip new show and immediately thought of you! You MUST audition for next season...I would SOOOO blow up the phone lines voting for you!

    Southern Si(u)s