Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping ahead.

Back when I had a job and was in the public I felt this way about every day. Deadlines, meetings, approval of designs, communications, misunderstandings, failures and outright screw-ups...I was barely (heehehe) keeping ahead of the curve. Add in airports, carrier strikes, power outages, jacked up weather, jacked up bosses and general mayhem ~ it all added to the stress of a corporate living.

People didn't know what they wanted but would 'know it when they saw it'...especially if another company was very successful with the same item. Making something similar without crossing the copyright line was a challenge at best. Trade shows, product development meetings, and a healthy amount of schmoozing that went on only added to the mix.

Gawd, I miss it...

Now, I get up...tend the dogs, dink around and generally try to say busy.

Relevant, not so much~

Leaving the corporate mainstream (not by choice I might add) has gave me some perks though:

It allows me to pursue other forms of revenue generating opportunities (yeahsureyoubetcha)

My laundry day is cut in half

I can't remember the last time I wore real shoes

Shopping has gone from high end malls to local thrift shops

I get to experience the excitement of the social media phenomenon

I can finally stop glowing in the dark from all the excess radiation I was getting at airports

I get to cook...yippee

and clean...yippee Skippie

and enjoy day time judge shows...(go Judge Judy!)

I finally unpacked the last of my luggage and have used up all the teeny-tiny bottles of shampoo stolen from hotels all across the world.

Yeah, I am a home bound crafter with 2 online shops and spend my days gluing stuff to stuff...don't get me wrong, I love what I am doing, but just for old times sake, I would love the make that mad dash through the Atlanta airport diving into the train just as the doors close and feel the rush of the deadline again.

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