Monday, October 24, 2011

Afraid of the unknown

This is Lily standing at the top of the basement stairs...she is afraid to come down them. She runs up and down the stair to go upstairs, but can't seem to grasp that this is the exact same process except in reverse.

You can call her, beg her, help her put her foot down, and she just might make an attempt, but generally she will sit at the top of the stairs while we are all down there making heavy sighs and generally being afraid.

Just like me.

I sit in the parking lot of my GP not wanting to go in...getting on that damn scale, knowing the lecture I am about to get...

Avoiding restaurants that are too fancy, foreign, or busy.

Trying a new hair style, fashion statement or makeup technique.

Trying new food to cook (how does one eat an artichoke?)

Sampling new perfume, music, tv shows...

I'm stuck at the top of my stairs too...

So, Lily and I are both going to conquer our fears, I am going to try Ethiopian food, green eye liner, techno music...

and she is getting down them damn stairs!

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