Friday, November 5, 2010

how to run a house

Back in the day my mom would call me (50 miles away) to come over and take her to the store to get an onion. She wasn't necessarily making anything but she knew she was out of onions and they world will come to a screeching halt with out them. Certain things were always on hand and no questions should be asked. Besides the milk, eggs and bread, we also always had on hand:
cream of mushroom soup
scented candles
running out of any of these things constituted an national emergency and would result in a flurry of calls to rectify the situation. My Dad would go to the grocery store every night...every single night (well, yeah, he was flirting with the cashiers, but also to get his self imposed list...preparation H and a national enquirer)
Myself...I hate grocery shopping so it will take a 911 emergency to pry me out of the house,
you know, like running out of coffee
or moisturizer
or chocolate
So today I was planning dinner and realized I have no tomato sauce, onions, white bread, eggs or un-lumpy milk. Somewhere out there my mother is nudging the other moms up (or down) there and saying 'I tried to teach her but noooo, she thinks she can get away with dried onions and pita'.
So, apparently a grocery trip is in my future...where I will intend to buy all the grown up things like milk and bread, but will no doubt wind up with Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter ice cream and some cover girl outlast lipstick.
Wendy's is on the way home.

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