Thursday, October 7, 2010

The tie that binds

In the background is a wooden sign that shows a Nurse, a Marine and a Sailor, all WWI vintage (not sure why the Marine is in red??) and the words above it say "blessed be the ties that bind". I found it in the crawl space of our old house (dubbed the chock-full-o-nuts hotel for various reasons) and love it! Besides the fact that it is funky and was suppose to be a tie rack...get it...ties that well, but that the words are true.

What ties us to who we are? Why did I rush back home after the tornado? Why do I wonder and worry about people I haven't seen in 30+ years? What makes us cling to the things we are familiar with (clogs, boot cut jeans, disco) and get ruffled with something new (rap, cyber space in general and photoshop). Are they ties or are they anchors???

Here are my ties that bind:
Doing things MY way
Jeans that fit at the waste, call em' what you like, no muffin top here!
The Beatles
white bread (the squisher the better)
Cheap makeup
2nd entire house is from garage sales, thrift shops and 2nd hand places
cheap hair dye...I think there is some chemical that seeps into the brain
Chloe perfume
black purses
long nails, out of style..meh

Here are some things I wish were on that list:
house cleaning...*gavomit*
returning calls...I am terrible at that

The ties that I seem to be hard wired into my system are deep and unmovable. Try as hard as I might you will never see my happy azz running a may see me running amok, running scared, running off at the mouth or running off half cocked (??) but a 10K...nope

If you want to see me, c'mon! if you want to see the house, make an aint my thing.

Thank God for facebook, I can now wish people happy birthday with out fear of getting it wrong.

Don't get me started on cooking.

Ties that bind...think of them as a gentle embrace of our past. And who dosen't love a gentle embrace?

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  1. I'm continuing my journey around the blogosphere, visiting with all of you who are signed up as Followers of my blog. I've spent a while here tonight reading and am adding you to my list of blogs to read regularly. I REALLY identify with the paragraph about "running" - perhaps we'll run into each other out there on one of those "running amok" adventures!